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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The many faces of Booster Gold Pt.1

Booster Gold. The "Pete Rose of the future" who traveled back in time to become a present day hero, the type of person that he couldn't be in the 31st Century or whenever he is from. As the people at DC are setting our dear Booster to be a big power in the DCU lets take a look at just one of the many different styles that this soon to be super power has sported.

I take us back to May of '87 our Booster was the pinnacle of cool; white suit, skinny tie, the whole deal. He could fly, he could lift scale models of buildings, he had a robot buddy, hell Booster could have been a member of the Hong Kong Cavaliers. What he couldn't do is tie his shoes.

Did Mama Gold simply not teach Baby Gold how to tie his shoes? Perhaps they did not have shoelaces in the 31st century? Maybe they had those cool shoes like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future II, the kind that just form to your feet and that shoe lacing portion of Booster's brain never developed. Once Booster came back to our time he just couldn't get it right. "Is it the bunny goes round the loop and down the hole? Wait loop, loop, lemonade, around the corner...that's not. F@&* This! I'm punching something. Skeets get me a skinny tie and a beautiful woman!"


Blogger jamawalk said...

i remember not tying my converse all-stars in the late 80s/early 90s, too. we'd tie nots in the ends of the lace, so it wouldn't slip out of the eye, but basically they were left untied.

it was stupid. but thats how we rolled. stupid.

8:10 AM


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