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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Suiting up with Spider-man Pt. 2

So this past week Amazing Spider-man #530 hit the shelves and with it comes Iron Spider suit 2.0. Take a look at some of its new features.

Peter Parker you are moving up in the world. As I said in the debut of the suit I had no problem with suit changes as a whole. I had a problem because it robs Spidey comics of a level of Spidey. How many times has Peter Parker has flipped out because someone stole his civilian clothes that he left in an alley? Dozens of times perhaps. Well that gag you love so much shall be never more. In fact now he never again has to take off his suit. He can just walk around in it, letting it get all smelly and foul. Gross.

This could also lead to weird mishaps, MJ might go in for a kiss thinking that Peter is costume free and instead of getting lips she gets a mouth full of Iron Spider Nano-Fiber. Let me tell you that stuff tastes like ass.

Also for this change of pace Peter could theoretically just change mid battle. "You don't know which costume I'm wearing do you, sucker? Am I wearing the classic costume? Or the black costume? Or Scarlet Spider? Or nothing at all?" It's like he is Spider-Barbie with a full wardrobe without the need of a wardrobe.

Then we get to the "Waldoes".

First of all why are they called Waldoes. Are they like Where's Waldo and they can hide in a crowd? This also bears to ask the question where do they go when they aren't all busting out Waldo style? Those are some long ass arms to just have sitting around in some pouch or pocket. So far I am unimpressed by them because they seem only to be able to grab things far away and look around corners. Well so can this and this . Yes, it's true you can have the new powers of Spider-man using everyday novelty items and a child's toy. That Stark tech is second to none

In conclusion, all I have to save is give Wolverine back his sound effects. "Snik!" indeed


Anonymous Bob said...

What's a waldo? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldo

1:21 PM

Blogger Benhatt said...

Heinlen, huh. Who knew? Thanks man.

7:13 PM


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