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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh No They Didn't...

So the other day I got this itch in my brain. One of those "I'm sure I'm forgetting something" sort of itches. It was frustrating that I just couldn't put my finger on it until just a moment ago I realized what it was. Rushing quickly onto Newsarama , scanning through their back sneak peeks I came across this.

God Damn Hammer and Anvil. First of all aren't they supposed to be dead? If I remember correctly when one of them took a bullet in the head and his death traveled along that golden wrist umbilica cord that they have and the other one died as well. I like how in Marvel dead bad guys can just come back as if it's nothing. "Death has no hold on Hammer and Anvil. We palm slap death. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE, HIGHLANDER! OR IN OUR CASE TWO!" If they're going to bring back crappy bad guys while can't it be the Grim Reaper or Stilt Man, oh wait they did that one. I'm not saying D.C. is golden on keeping people dead but at least they have some sort of explanation to it (see my post on Jason Todd's return).

The real question is why? Why bring back arguably two of the lamest villains ever. It's like someone slapped a Bedazzled bracelet on Cage and Jackson from the movie Amos and Andrew and said, "Go cause some damage." That is the worst power in the world. O.k. maybe not the worst but it ranks up there. Look out Avengers here come the Double Dutch Twins. But it would appear that the Hammer and Anvil are back and here to stay. At least they're getting their asses handed to them by Colleen Wing.

So to answer the title of the post...Oh Yes They Did!


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