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Saturday, March 11, 2006

When the muse strikes...with a RAGING VENGEANCE

I'm sure you all have heard it. When a writer is really flying along he or she will say, "It was like the characters were writing themselves, as if I was merely a vessel for the words to travel through." Now, I'm not trying to support or deny the exsistence of this prose possesion. Trying to do so far surpasses the power of this humble blogger. However, I have found a few pages that might validate this experience. These pages so finely crafted that there is no way that they didn't come from some writing trance, some brilliant subconcious level of, let's call them what they are folks, of some genius' mind.

You think he's angry? Maybe just a tad? OF COURSE HE IS ANGRY. He is raging. Even his name is Rage, if that isn't a sign of just how pissed off he is than the fact that he says it four times in one panel is the real kicker. Only a writer who really tapped Rage's...well rage could really have written this dialogue. I mean look at it. It's so full of fury.

Howard Mackie takes this experience to a whole new level with Sprirts of Vengeance #2. He got so far into the mind the character that I'm not sure that he was ever able to truly recover from it.

Yeah, she wants some payback. She wants payback badly so badly that she talks like a skipping record. The number of times the word "vengeance" is uttered in the comic, not including the title, is seventeen. The only words to beat that it in frequency are "the" and "is". I'm telling you Mackie can create a character like nobody's business. Like Rage above, Steel Vengeance has her driving goal in her name. What an amazing way of using the writing craft! From what I heard Salinger almost did the same thing with Catcher in the Rye. Holden Caulfied was supposed to be named Sullen McDepressed and start every sentence with "Depressed". But Salinger, unlike my buddy H. Mackie, caved to the publishers and curbed his ability to truly get into his protagonist's head. Sell out.


Blogger Devon said...

Ye, gods! Is that Andy Kubert artwork?!?

12:31 AM

Blogger jamawalk said...

Steel Vengence is only slightly less dumb of a name than say "Stabby Girl" or "Knife-tress"

Marvel is dumb.

8:13 AM

Blogger Ignacio JimĂ©nez Torrado said...

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9:19 AM

Blogger bodhi said...

What's wrong with "Stabby Girl?" I would read a comic called Stabby Girl. I might even write a comic named "Stabby Girl" and not give you any credit. And by the way Marvel does not have a lock on stupid names. Pretty much every villain in the DC universe EXCEPT Solomon Grundy and Ra's al Ghul have retarded names. Let's see: The Riddler, Bizarro, Captain Boomerang, Man-bat, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, Prof. Zoom, Knife-tress, oh wait, right, you made that last one up.
DC infite identity Earth crisis is dumb. "Oh my God the world's gonna end, again, and it turns out I didn't have a very happy childhood and I'm going to make everyone talk to me about it regardless of how much it messes up the continuity of their own comic."
-proud marvel zombie

3:19 PM


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