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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Me Am Not Wondering About the Way Bizarro Doesn’t Speak

I’ll be the first to admit it: I don’t know everything about comics. I have a pretty good amount of information in this head of mind, but there are those people out there with steel trap minds who know that Wonder Man first appeared in 1964 Avengers #9. If something comes along that they don’t know, they can always turn to the internet. With all these smart people out there, with everything at their fingers, why can’t someone manage to write Bizarro’s language consistently?

Do you remember about a year ago when Bizarro was popping up in every DC comic? I remember reading that some DC writer or editor really wanted show what the character could do and as a result he was everywhere. And every writer seemed to have a different take on Big Purple’s vocal abilities. Jeph Loeb was a big fan of exploiting the backwards talking, even going so far to cook up another backwards talker: The World’s Worst Detective - Batzarro. Take a look at Superman/Batman #21.

Mark Verheiden took Bizarro out for a spin in Superman #221. He kept some of the backwards talking but stuck with the Tarzan-like speak.

He was popping up so many places I started to think of Bizarro as Wolverine in a Marvel book. Let’s not forget his menacing “good-bye” in Infinite Crisis. The gray-skinned villain disappeared until Action Comics #845 when he came back after thirteen months as Lex Luthor’s captive.

I am a big fan of Geoff Johns; I think he is one of the best out there. But I do think he suffers at the hands of Bizarro like every other writer. I don’t care which way you choose to write the speech patterns, but be consistent with it. The comic seems to swing back and forth between simpleton and backwards-talking. Then we have this page (yes, I know I used it in a previous post, that’s what brought this one on):

You have the “good-bye” and then the wham with a school bus. Now is this a, “Good-bye, you’re dead,” wham with a school bus? Or a “good-bye” meaning hello wham with a school kind of like “say hello to my little friend”? See where I can be confused. I actually don’t care which one as long as it becomes common throughout comics. I’m proposing a DC comic writer vote. Will it be backwards speech or Tarzan speech? Cause in the beginning me am not okay. with knowing how to not read Bizarro’s speech. You guys get it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My two favourite Bizarro lines, well, one isn't really a Bizarro line, but still:

1) Bizarro in an issue of Toyfare says, "Bizarro real not have go bathroom bad!"


2)In an episode of JLU Bizarro says to Lex Luthor, "Am you Bizarro's mommy?"

LOL. Gotta love it!

9:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's 3 Bizarro dialects.
1) Golden Age version: Basically really poor English. Commonly referred to as Imperfect English.

2) Backwards English: What Batzarro spoke, and Bizarro around the same time.

3) 3rd dialect is a combination of the other 2.

Consistant issues is, prior to the travesty of the New 52, Bizarro slowly began to re-learn normal English, close enough from 2nd dialect back to the 1st. Some may be due to Luthor torturing him and trying to re-educate him, other bits may be due to his making a sort of peace with Superman. That whole, "We am brothers, same but different."

Anyway, I've had a basic grasp on understanding Bizarro since the mid-1980's... once I figured out which dialect was being used.

My favorite to date was after someone swapped Superman's & Bizarro's bodies and they confronted each other: "Me now understand! Me are you and you are me and we are all apart!"

Gotta love that 2nd dialect!

Twitter: @TheDailyHtrae

7:30 PM


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