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Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Name In Print

The following has nothing to do with comics.

So last Friday night I went to the "Buffy Musical Big Screen Interactive Extravaganza." It was really fun. So I got there a little early, you know because I’m really paranoid about time. As someone who never got his driver’s license, my life pretty much is decided by bus schedules and Metro trains. I’ve grown accustomed to delays and breakdowns. Thus, I tend to plan these into my schedule and when said calamities do not occur I get to places thirty to forty-five minutes early. Call me paranoid and neurotic.

Anyway that’s kind of beside the point. Since I was first in line I got interviewed by the Washington Post. My name opens the article. It’s kind of dope. So here is the opening excerpt.

Ben Hatton is not, like, the biggest "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fan ever.

Yes, he might have arrived three hours early to score the first spot in line for "The Buffy Musical Big Screen Interactive Extravaganza" at the Avalon Theatre on Friday at midnight. Yes, he might have downloaded all of the songs to said extravaganza, and he might have memorized them, and his wife might be sitting on a park bench 20 feet away because she is embarrassed he made them come so early.

But compared with the other 427 wannabe slayers who advance-purchased their tickets for Friday's sold-out show and formed a queue stretching around the corner, Hatton swears his fanship is relatively puny. "I didn't wear a costume or anything," said the stocky 26-year-old video store clerk. "I'm not going to be that fat dude dressed as Angel."

Here is the link to the rest of the article. Sorry for tooting my own horn. I just couldn’t help it.


Blogger BIG MIKE said...

You dressed as Angel just became numero uno on my list of fantasies... just kidding... sort of...

9:38 AM

Blogger Gyuss Baaltar said...

Are you my hero?

10:56 AM

Blogger Devon said...

Works in a video shop.

Works in a comic book store.

5,000 pt. Heroclix games.

Owns a Mac.

Shows up three hours early for Buffy musicals.


11:13 AM

Blogger Gyuss Baaltar said...

We prefer to refer to him as our Messiah.

11:43 AM

Blogger MKD said...

I was right behind you. I would have laughed if you were dressed as Angel. I can admit that.

12:48 PM


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