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Friday, August 10, 2007

Cover Story

So the best cover artists in the business use their drawings to tell a story. Just like poems and novels, comics can have titles that do work within the story, a working cover in some ways. These types of cover can enhance the story, setting mood and tone for what will unfold within. It can also give a hint as to what type of story will is going to be told. Look at any of the recent Detective Comics covers and you will see that tell you up front, in the beginning who the bad guy is going to be. It’s pretty great.

If a comic is going to tell a story then it should obey all the laws of storytelling, like correct characterization. If that’s the case, and I think it is, then what is going on with the cover for Countdown #38.

I understand Robin’s stance, kind of a checking his watch sort of thing like, “When is this joker going to get out of here?” No one else makes any sense. Take Kid Devil, the youngest and most jovial of the Titans members. He’s looking on confused but stoically. The oldest Titan, who should be handling it the most maturely, is leaning over and clutching his side like he’s saying, “Awwwww shit, son.” The Titan who has gone through some of the worst events of her life: loosing her first love, seeing her mother interned, etc. well she’s fanning her face and clutching her legs together like an airhead who just found out that I got my wedding tuxedo on sale at a thrift store and now she's going to pee herself. I did actually do that, get my tuxedo at a thrift store that is.

Anyway, the cover doesn't make any sense.


Blogger Jaap said...

Are you sure you use "working title" right?
I was under the impression that a working title is the title a project has before a more sophisticated title can be found.

11:46 PM

Blogger Patrick said...

Also, my issue said "Collector's Item... First appearance of Mr. Action"

I'm guessing its a joke, but I'm pretty sure we've seen him before in this title, and also in Action.

I did enjoy Robin kicking Jimmy in the head though.

10:57 AM


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