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Monday, August 06, 2007

Who Isn't a Bad Guy Here?

So everyone knows Countdown is building up to something huge, something like Final Crisis. With a name like that the villain or villains better be something amazing. Well, DC isn’t skimping when it comes to possible threats and is setting up a slew of villains. So let’s take the time and look at the list:

The Monitors
Originally the singular Monitor seemed to be the good guy, the protector of the DCU against the evils of the Anti-Monitor. Yes, at times his schemes seemed a little Machiavellian, but you (or at least I) never doubted his intentions were intended for good. After all, he did choose the heroes the infinite Earths to champion his cause.

But that was back in the day. The "Brotherhood" of Monitors don't seem so righteous as the previous character to bear that name. I mean in their quest to uphold the sanctity of Earths they are willing to kill and obliterate using the darkest of beings the Universe holds. With only one Monitor striking out for a peaceful solution, Monitor Muttonchops (I'm not calling him Bob), I would say as a whole these look-a-likes are not our good guys.

Captain Atom
It’s been a little while since Nathan Adam was supposed to assume the role as a would-be conqueror. Everyone knows the story, all this set up had been done to making him the big bad of Armageddon 2001 but when the surprise was blown, DC changed it at the last minute. Thus, Nathan Adam: Monarch was put away until the Battle of Bludhaven, where he made his explosive return.

Well, better late than never I always say. The Bleed residing, universe-hopping warlord is out to stop the Monitors. Now, based on what I’ve said these guys seem like the need stopping. However, any time you go about protecting reality by building a secret armada trained by a being that used to be your enemy’s secret weapon…well that can’t be a good thing. We’ve haven’t exactly seen his plans but some how I doubt that they will be rolling in Han Solo style to destroy The Monitors’ ship at the last moment.

The ruler of Apokolips was out of the picture for a good long time, having been thrown into the Source Wall. With the Wall being the thing that holds the 52 worlds apart who knows what knowledge he came out with. Also, Darkseid wasn’t out of the Wall long before two things happened: he mastered the Anti-Life Equation and he got caught up with Mr. Mxyzptlk (see my I’ve Got A Theory post for more on that). All in all, Darkseid is just as big a threat as ever.

In the pages of Countdown, we’ve seen Darkseid play some Heroclix and build an army. Rarely, when a domineering overlord builds an army is it a good thing. If you read my previous post you will notice I have other theories on his relation with the Monitors. There is one thing that kind of sticks in my paw. At the end of Firestorm, Darkseid grabbed Dr. Martin Stein who was close to discovering the Life Equation, which could be used to counter the ALE. Now this would make him and his Shadow Demons unstoppable. Wouldn’t that mean it would also stop the Monitors army of Shadow Demons? Could Darkseid’s goals actually be towards the greater good?

Probably not.

Sinestro Corps
Writer Geoff Johns has said that the Sinestro storyline will not be seen in the pages of Countdown. Well, that be true but I don’t believe for a second that it won’t be intersecting with Final Crisis. The Monitors, the Bleed, the Source Wall, reality itself is going to be tied up in this thing and with the Anti-Monitor and Hank Henshaw (who has been one with the Source and crossed universes) being a part of the machinations there is just no way that this fear-powered corps will not be coming in swinging.

There are also certain movers and shakers that haven’t been really looked at. The Gods of Olympus are making their presence known, there is also that unworldly voice that relocated the Titans (issue #47) and tried to kill Sleez in Countdown. With all these things stacking against them, with all these fronts being attacked, do the heroes even stand a chance?


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Does this at all lead up to the death of the New Gods, you think?

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