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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Is There Nothing Sacred or Loeb/Liefeld's Onslaught Reborn

So I was doing my my everyday or so check of Newsarama and I came across this. Why would anyone in their right mind want to take a revist to the Reborn Universe? Really. I mean really really. Does anyone remember the Reborn Universe? With the old dude who kept Captain America's shield in his basement? Thor frozen in a block of ice? Of all the bullshit, sales hiking crap to hit the stands in 2006 this is my contender for the worst. Now they are going to tie it into the Marvel U. and have it affected by House of M? Marvel, you keep this up and you are going to lose me as a consumer.

On a more serious, less complaining note I am starting to wonder how many universes does Marvel need. They thirst for new universes to create like a man who has just walked out of the desert. We have the "616", the Ultimate, The Supreme Power, and now the "Reborn" Universe, does anyone else feel something bad coming out of this? Where DC is trying to streamline and really sort out it's history and reality (with the exception of the two All Star Titles that I'm not a big fan of), Marvel is doing the exact opposite. They're just shoving familiar characters into more and more universes, building whole realities that then spawn different realities. It's getting a bit much and is starting to feel like it's simply a way to glut the market with comics sporting the Marvel logo. Find a universe and stick with it.

I don't need to spend my time trying to remember if what happened to which Spider-man, know what I mean? Ultimate Spider-man is taking on Ultimate Deadpool and dating Kitty Pride, while 616 Spider-man has a new costume is going to get embroiled in Civil War while Reborn Spider-man is about to take on Reborn Onslaught and hey don't forget Spider-man 2099 is running around with the Exiles. See my point? Find one, maybe two universese, and write good stories that take place in them. You guys have been doing it for decades why have you lost suddenly lost the ability to do so in the past three or four years? Because if this keeps up I can dozens of different Spider-mans all in different realities all with different backgrounds building towards...Crisis of Inifinite Spider-mans. Probably not. Instead we'll get bad storytelling with no sense of continuity or history.

In conclusion all I have to say is...

Check out all the tiny noses


Blogger bodhi said...

How can Marvel lose you as a customer? you don't like or buy any marvel titles. you're biased. Throwing in the supreme power universe is like complaining about the DC's vertigo titles. I do have a problem with any spider-man in any universe where gwen stacy isn't dead, I mean why not have uncle ben never die, or what the hell let's ask ourselves what spider-man would be like if he had been raised by his parents. Marvel is better than DC, and they both suck compared to almost any indie label.
You forgot the Marvel Zombie universe.

10:10 PM

Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Well, I buy Marvel titles, and this scares the hell out of me. Heroes reborn is from that time period when I just gave up on comics, and the idea that it might actually play some prominent role in what's going on with the main Marvel Universe disturbs me.

That being said, I don't much mind that Marvel has several Universes, as long as they keep them separate. Which they seem to be getting ready to not do. Crap.

Rob Liefeld. Triple crap.

11:45 PM

Blogger Benhatt said...

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11:48 PM

Blogger Jim said...

With tiny noses like that, I'm sure it's much easier to blow.



12:20 AM


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