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Sunday, April 02, 2006

My pick for week 3/29

So this week had some definite ups and downs. On the up side there was Action Comics #837 and Blue Beetle #1. Action Comics continued on a great path, showing us how Clark Kent is really a super man without being Superman, even though he is starting feel like a grown up Hardy Boy. Just a little. In Blue Beetle, Giffen and Rogers start what could be a very compelling comic. Especially if they keep his two friends as solid, ever present support characters. They have the makings of a very good Xander/Willow pairing.

On the down side we have two comics that I really wanted to like. I mean I really did. We have Superman/Batman #24 and New Avengers: Illuminati. I'll say again I wanted to like these comics but they were terrible. Superman/Batman continued its descent into a wacky, ridiculous Elseworld comic. Where is the first storyline that to many set up Infinite Crisis? I'll tell you. It is lost somewhere in the crack of Batzarro's ass. I did a freaking jig when they killed him. Seriously, a dainty two step. Ask my fiancee. New Avengers: Illuminati was going on o.k. until we got to a whole page that was just, "I am Iron Man and let me give you my sense of foreboding that will be correct as it leads into THIS SUMMER'S MOST AMAZING CROSSOVER EVER. CIVIL WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ugh.

So that puts the title of "Comic of the Week" squarely on the shoulders of Green Lantern #10. And what shoulders they are. Let's go down the list.

Writing: A ten out of ten in my opinion. The world condemning t Hal because he won't follow some B.S. law that says American superheroes can't go into their airspace. His response is "Right now I'm not an 'American'. I'm a Green Lantern." That's right and don't let anyone let anyone forget it. I'm just so impressed that everytime Johns puts his pen to paper when dealing with a Green Lantern he gives them the prestige and respect that the freaking universal police force deserves. None of this Nova Corp crap they are the Lanterns and you better remember that. Add flashback dreams about his time in a POW camp, double entendre and his conversation with Green Arrow and you have a comic that kept me turning the pages. Also let's not forget page 16. I'm not even going to give it away, just read it dudes, just read it.

Art: While I think Campos inks are a little heavy, especially around the nose and cheek bone areas it really is solid art to go with a solid story. Especially Ollie's face when he comes across Hal's one night stand. But really it is the second and third pages that just blew me away. Just look at this.

Cover: Second week in a row that we have a Simone Bianchi cover on the pick of the week. That's what I'm talking about. You don't want to be on the business end of the ring that Bianchi draws. It is damned imposing and there is a real sense of majesty to Hal. Good stuff.

In the end all I have to say is, "You're vapor, Lantern."


Blogger Guildenstern said...

You have posted thrice. Are you telling us that Green Lantern was just THAT GOOD?

You may be right.

9:04 PM

Blogger Benhatt said...

It was fantastic but the three postings was mostly me going all ADHD and hitting the publish post like eight or nine times while clicking back. Yes, I am that dysfunctional and impatient

10:09 PM

Anonymous Maro said...

You need updates!

1:53 PM


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