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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Little Confused

So I am not one to nitpick about someone’s art. Why? Because I can’t draw worth a damn. When I was a kid I needed a book to help me with stick figures. So you can be the worst artist in comics today and I’m still going to ooh and aah. However, sometimes an artist will flub. You know like in a movie when in one shot the glass is almost empty, they cut away and when they cut back the glass is only half empty. It’s a little thing but noticeable. Every once in a while it will happen in comics.

This brings me to Teen Titans #40 and #41, and before I go any farther I want to note that the panels I’ve chosen to show do reveal who the Titan traitor is. So if you don’t want to know how the arc ends stop reading.

O.k. at the end of Titan’s #40 we have this panel.

Pretty sweet right? The flying kick. The explosion. The two swords with no scabbards. Pay attention to that.

A couple panels later

Rose is down to only one sword, although we never saw her drop the other, but then that sword gets broken. CHANGG. Two minus one equals one sword.

So where the hell did the other sword come from here?

I certainly didn’t see her take a break to run back to the Titans plane and get herself her double katanas as opposed to the mismatched blades she was using before. As I said there were no scabbards so it’s not like she was storing them somewhere else on her person. I mean I guess she could have the power to store them somewhere on her body but that place would be a doozy if you know what I’m saying.


Yeah, yeah wrote a whole panel just to make an anatomical joke.


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