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Monday, September 10, 2007

Thoughts on the Con: Panels

So Baltimore is over and I would say it was pretty successful. I got comics signed, picked up a couple small press books, some Starman issues I was missing, and was gifted with a sweet Buffy sketch by Georges Jeanty. Even though my goal of the con, a Scud: The Disposable Assassin #1 First Printing, eluded me, I walked yesterday afternoon pretty happy. However, finding back issues and getting signatures are not really why I go to cons. I go for the solidarity with other fans, the shared experience of a group of people appreciating a single hobby. It is the same reason people go to sports events rather than just watching them on television.

There is no better example of this than the panels.

At this point I think I have hit my fifth or sixth DC panel of this con season not mentioning the ones I went to last year. I have had some revelations about why I go to so many. It is not about getting inside information or secrets because the tidbits that are revealed are cleverly and purposely placed. It is not about having the few reveals that are discussed first because before you can call your buddy the information has hit the Internet. I go to witness the staged show that are the panels.

It is like seeing your favorite band in concert and knowing what songs they’re going to play. In DC, you have the golden oldies called “Spoiler’s Case in the Batcave” and “Where is Barry Allen.” There is Bob Wayne’s “Swing by the DC booth and I’ll cut down your comic list.” There is a certain level of comfort in knowing that these moments will come up, in laughing when they do. Sure, the stage banter changes year to year: the Alpaca talk, herpes as a gag, Cully Hamner singing (sorry I didn’t know the words or I would have sung along), but ultimately they are pretty much the same. It is Didio and company leading us on with hints, teases and jokes.

You know what, though? I will continue going because they are what cons are all about.


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