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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Greatest Idea I’ve Ever Had

So not to ruin any part of the ninth podcast for you guys but while we were talking about properties being licensed into comics I said I would really like to see a Dukes of Hazard comic. I love that show, I think it’s the welded doors on the General Lee. There was a time in my life when I tried to enter cars through open windows.

I hit my head a lot.

Anyway, I see this new comic as a later on in life Dukes story. In it Bo Duke (the blonde one) has left the South, moved to New York and become an advertising exec, keeping secret his previous days of outrunning cops and jumping bridges in an orange car named after a Confederate General. One morning, he is in his office when Luke Duke (the brown haired one) shows up and says they’ve been invited to participate in the underground “Moonshine Mile Cross Country Race” where in the greatest moonshiners must bring a trunk full of their libations from one cost to the other. So it’s a drinking and driving comic. Hosting the race are the Alistairs, two British brothers with a penchant for bathtub whiskey and illegal car races. Luke is very excited but the catch is that Bo has to compete as well. Of course, being a New York businessman now, Bo says no. The two get into an argument, words are said and the two cousins part angrily.

The Alistairs are displeased to hear this and kidnap Uncle Jesse and Daisy. Now Bo and Luke must compete or their family will be killed. The Dukes will have to contend with the other drivers, who will a mixture of stereotypes and archetypes, as well as Boss Hogg and Roscoe, who are looking for revenge now that the cousins are back together. This, of course, is all second seat to the main storyline which is Bo refinding his way. I see it as a cross between Sweet Home Alabama and Cannonball Run.

Now, I know this story sounds amazing but you haven’t even heard the kicker yet. See I’m thinking the art would be photo realistic and “star” real actors, like when John Walsh made a cameo in Outsiders or Bruce Campbell was the driver in The Hire series that Dark Horse put out. Now, I see the Dukes being played by Matthew “Nicest Southerner in Film” McConaughey and Nathan “The Matthew McConaughey of the small screen” Fillion. With modern drawing technology being what it is today, we could even have actors who are deceased in the comic. So joining Christopher Lee as one of the Alistairs would be Vincent Price. How about that for a slice-fried gold?

This post brought to you by my need to take a break from my thesis but not having enough time to write a real post.


Blogger Baal said...

Does diving through an open window of a car because the door was locked and two huge ass dogs were bearing down on me count as Dukes of Hazard inspired?

2:45 PM

Blogger wiked said...

now to the real question, Are Vance and Coy in the race?

8:51 PM

Blogger Gyuss Baaltar said...

ooooohhh....Vance and Coy are in the race, in disguise! And we won't know till the big finish whether they are there to spoil it for the Dukes or help them

5:21 AM

Blogger Zundian said...

It seems like an interesting comic idea, but Luke's the sensible one. So he'd most likely be the one who ventured out of state to get away from the moonshinin' ways.

Everything else seems like it would be able to support at least a miniseries.

6:25 AM

Blogger Scipio said...

It sounds somewhat like "Munsters, Go Home"...

1:38 PM

Blogger Gyuss Baaltar said...

Scip, does that mean Ben's come up with something archetypal? Almost myth-matic? Sweet!

3:29 PM

Blogger Rambo said...

Ben, you're a goddamn genius.

I was NEVER a Dukes of Hazzard fan, but I'd read that book in a second.

3:48 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

I don't know if I'd read the main Dukes book..but I'd read the "Daisy Duke-Destruction's Daughter" spinoff by Aspen Studios in a heartbeat!

4:25 PM

Blogger Julian Lytle said...

Well first I would get this, and second you would have to have Mason Dixon in the series with his firebird!

7:08 AM


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