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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I’ve Been Boosted

So there have been a lot of reviews talking about how great Booster Gold #1 was. I should know, I wrote one. The story moved swiftly, the characterization was spot on and there was a ton of humor. But you know what my favorite moment in the whole comic was? This panel:

What’s so great about it? Well right under the words, “Late City Final” we have this sentence,“Little Tiny Type Of No Consequence. Really. You Shouldn’t Even Waste Your Time Trying To Make It Out.” I felt like Geoff Johns reached out from the page and slapped my geek self in the face. Now, I’m posting it on the Internet. I think there might be some irony here, but I was never good with that.

When I laughingly showed this to my co-workers I got this, “Man, your glasses must be working overtime. I can’t read that at all.”

So for all those other people who can’t see that small print, the newspaper second from the left reads, “Friday, November 23 2007” and “ Fake weather report: rain, snow, typhoon, hurricanes, blizzards, cyclones and hail, clearing towards evening.


Blogger Siskoid said...

I didn't look close, but I can read at that size, no problem. Also write. Fact.

Stuff you haven't translated:

The Courier Post subtitle: ___ to read the fine print
Under FINAL: Blabbity-blah blah blah blah

Last paper on the right's subtitle: Tiny Tiny Type

It's too bad the previous panel covers some type with the Week/Day caption. Looks like something about the mid-60s... probably more fake weather.

So when are you going to analyze Rip's new blackboard?

5:43 PM


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