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Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Love The Smell Of Podcast In The Morning

Hey, Hey Folks-

The latest edition of the Big Monkey Podcast is up. It's full of thrills, chills and near spills. We even have a heart warming moment where Devon believes in love. So come join the joy and fun that is the BMP. Tech Guy Brian is getting ready to leave us so I did all the sound editing this week. Please let me know how I did so I can work toward perfecting the art of equalizing.

Thanks all

Note: Big Mike has put an excellent post about superheroes and America. Read It!


Blogger Christopher said...

Listened last night. Great Job again Ben! Again, the four of you do a wonderful job with the podcast!!

I thought it was kind of sad and disappointing though that nearly ALL of them could only cite Mr. Miracle as their favorite DC Kirby character and that of the Marvel Kirby characters..Galactus never ONCE came up!


9:17 AM

Blogger Gyuss Baaltar said...

That Ambush Bug dramatic reading was awful! You deserve better from your faithful listeners

8:44 PM

Blogger Scipio said...

Sorry, Gyuss; sometimes ya just gotta support your customers...!

1:51 PM


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