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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Crazy 88s

So, I've been writing this blog for about a year and a half now. Not continuously, of course. There has been more than one extended absence. I would say I've done it pretty much non-stop for 6 months - 26 weeks - 180 or so days. It has been pretty exhausting at times. I mean it's tough being creative enough to come up with a post where I talk about bubble hands (scroll down it's at the bottom).

What do I have to show for this commitment? 88 average hits a day.

That's awesome.

For real.

I might not get the most hits in the world but the fact that 88 people (or 44 people checking twice a day, or 11 people checking four times a day, or one person who is just clicking like mad) visit my blog is pretty great. As a wiser man than I said, "Ben, if you were a business and you had the same 88 customers coming in every day to buy what you were selling you would be doing pretty well." He's absolutely right. I feel like John Grisham.

So thanks to you dedicated and crazy 88 readers that take the time out of your day to read my random thoughts and opinions.


Blogger Derek said...

Speaking solely for myself, no problem, Ben.

You often have fascinating ideas and the great thing about a "smaller" blog is the author can take the time to answer his audiences comments.

So thanks to you, too.

8:08 PM

Blogger Baal said...

Yeah, sorry about coming to your blog eighty eight times a day. I'll try to cut back a little.

11:48 PM

Blogger Siskoid said...

I'd imagine the Big monkey podcast should help strengthen those numbers in the near future. At least I hope so, since your theories are most interesting (sometimes more than the comics that spawned them!)

7:06 AM

Blogger RadioSilence said...

On a side note Ben, I finally picked up the two Blue Beetle trades. Been digging 'em so far. Started a little slow but I feel myself getting hooked.

5:06 PM

Blogger vidsaw said...

It is a pleasure to read your Blog.

Thank you for writing it!

7:03 PM

Blogger Gyuss Baaltar said...

I never read your blog. I'm just here for the pictures.

10:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your perceptive writing. I especially like the times you make sense of the DC "big plan" from 52/Countdown/Final Crisis/etc.

You're the best at that on the Web.

5:11 AM

Blogger Benhatt said...

To the 88s-

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. It certainly wasn't why I put up the post but it feels pretty good to get compliments. Again thanks for checking

9:47 AM

Blogger Rambo said...

Nice "Chasing Amy" quote.

3:40 PM

Blogger Doug Moore said...

I wonder if that even counts the people that often read from an aggregator, but don't visit the site? (like me)

1:00 PM


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