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Sunday, April 06, 2008


I have problems with people who put video on their blog and then follow it up with something like, "What the hell is this?!" But:



Blogger RadioSilence said...

Hmmm. Why was Wolverine feeling up Magneto there?

5:52 PM

Blogger BIG MIKE said...

I don't know what frightens me more... the fact that someone made that video or the fact that when I saw it I thought to myself: "Gosh, I'd bet a shopping mall has great hindering terrain."

11:30 AM

Blogger Devon Sanders said...

It's four people who aren't having sex is what that is

8:36 PM

Blogger Scipio said...

In Hell, plastic melts quickly.

Thus, Heroclix is played used damned souls.

Like these.

12:19 PM

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Blogger Gyuss Baaltar said...

It's something I would do without hesitation.

1:35 PM


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