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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A simple one

Alright 88s-

This will be a simple post.

Reactions? Comments? Who is that dude in the red with the wings?


Blogger Paul McCall said...

My guess is that's Northwind since there seem to be other members of the original Infinity Inc. cast surrounding Power Girl, Robin and Huntress

11:38 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Yeah..that's Northwind. There's an odd assortment of the Earth 2 types there..

I notice the Star Spangled kid's arm there on the left and its been said elsewhere that that's the Spectre's cape in the background.

Interesting that the female Dr. Midnite is in the picture...

11:40 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

That is gonna be one hell of a nostalgic ride!

I don't think I'll even care about the story or art...Unless Geoff Johns writes them all grossly out of character (which I doubt)...it will just be great to see the characters again...

11:42 PM

Blogger JYD said...

Yeah, that's got to be Northwind. What I want to know is where the hell is old school Mr Bones? There's just not enough rhyming in comics these days damnit!

6:26 AM

Blogger John Foley said...

Somewhere, somewhen, Roy Thomas just popped a 36-hour boner.

9:31 PM


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