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Friday, October 26, 2007

I've Been Pondering

So Oni has Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together slated for a November 7th release. At this point I will believe it is released when I hold the comic in my hands. However, being a mere two weeks from the most recent street date, I started thinking . I have toyed with the idea of getting custom Scott Pilgrim heroclix made. However, I can never settle on what dials to use, what powers to give them.

I'm thinking only making clix that have seen actual fighting: Scott, Ramona, Knives, Todd, and Envy for sure. Then maybe Matthew Pattel, Lucas Lee (yes, I know he went down skateboarding not fighting) and Crash and the Boys on a Duo base (yes, I know there are three of them). Maybe Wallace Wells on a base with Support and Perplex.

So here is the question of the day - which pre-existing dials would you use for which character? If there isn't a dial already that fits, what powers would you give the characters?


Blogger Drew said...

Don't know how they'd stack up as clix, but Kat will be thrilled to hear there's a 11/07/07 street date for SP4.
Thanks, Ben!

3:35 PM

Blogger Drew said...

PS, hey, where's the love for MY blog?! (drewsday01.blogspot.com)

3:35 PM

Blogger Jon Hex said...

You could give Lucas Vigilante's dial and Scott Bronze Tiger's. Ramona would need Phasing/Teleport and there should be an In Contact With Wallace feat card.

I'll probably being thinking about this for awhile. I may just give you a list tomorrow.

6:19 PM

Blogger BIG MIKE said...

I don't think you can put Scott on Bronze Tiger. BT has willpower, and there's no more un-Scott-like power than willpower. I think Scott could do well on a wildcat dial or maybe ronin from the avengers set.

11:09 AM

Blogger Jon Hex said...

For Scott, is there any Clix that get better after being hit a few times?

1:32 PM


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