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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Hooray! My schoolwork is in and I am one signature away from having a Master’s Degree. Oooh-la-la. I think I might start sporting ties or some such nonsense. To celebrate we’re getting ready to record the much-delayed Big Monkey Podcast. So send those Lightning Round Questions and Dramatic Readings to Thosewednesdays@gmail.com.

Also, because I know you’ve missed it, here is some wild speculation. Now, Devon over at Seven Hells has a pretty good theory on who the Big Bad of the “They Kingdom Come” storyline currently running through Justice Society of America.

It is most likely Gog being all evil and nasty. But what if it is not? I’m just going to throw a theory out there. What if the killer is…

I mean who else could truly claim deity like power?


Blogger RadioSilence said...

Didn't Goeff John's state that Superman was the only one to come back through that portal?

4:41 AM

Blogger RadioSilence said...

Congrats on the finish line being so close btw.

4:49 AM

Blogger Gyuss Baaltar said...

Johns said Superman was the only one to come through that portal. But his coy answer kid of leads me to believe someone came from Earth 22 earlier.

6:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:48 PM

Blogger Scipio said...

YOU are insane, Ben.

But I like you anyway.

11:27 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

so, when can we expect the new podcast to be out? I'm anxious!

1:49 AM

Blogger Benhatt said...

Ryan- We are recording the podcast tonight and it will be up tomorrow or Saturday at the latest, although if you are using iTunes it might not show up till Sunday.

7:37 AM

Blogger Ryan said...

excellent! can't wait for it. you guys have gotten me through many a long day here in my office over the past week since i first started listening.

4:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to this. Did something go wrong?


9:18 PM

Blogger Rambo said...

You're a goddamn genius.

1:05 PM

Blogger Rambo said...

You're a goddamn genius.

1:07 PM

Blogger Drew said...

Congrats, Ben! Gotta be one happy man, getting to the finish line, and welcome to the Masters Degree Club! (We meet on alternate Thursdays.)
all best,

9:15 AM

Blogger Ryan said...

So, any word on this elusive new episode of Big Monkey Podcast I've heard so much about?

3:42 PM


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