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Monday, January 15, 2007

Civil Bore

O.k. so I’ve been away at school for a couple weeks and with twelve-hour days of classes and workshops it was impossible to post. To make up for it I will post everyday for the next week. It will be hard but I am committing to making this site updated more frequently so that all those people who do care about my opinion, if there are any, will be able to read more often.

To get started I’m going get going on a topic that has been bugging me since I last posted. Like a thorn in the paw it’s been twisting and turning with every step, jabbing me with every stride. I said that Civil War felt like it had less aesthetic changes, that the story threads created would have lasting effects. After careful reflection I think I’ve realized why?


It’s easy to see the issues coming out of Civil War because it’s not resolving anything itself. I read issue six, the second to last issue, and it was freaking boring, a total snooze-fest. Exciting things happened sure. Punisher infiltrated Fantastic Four tower, Punisher shot some villains, Captain America punched the Punisher, Namor put his crotch out there and we ended with both teams ready to go head to head. Despite all these things happening there wasn’t an emotional arc underneath to make me feel anything. How can you end on the edge of a major rumble and be so boring? How can you have so much of Namor’s crotch?

The problem with the arc is that it is starting to feel like set up rather than an actual story. Whatever, your problems with Infinite Crisis or House of M were at least they were stories with complete beginnings, middles and ends. Without its tie-ins Civil War has turned into little more than a prison break tale that will finish with more questions than answers. I’m starting to feel a little played. It’s true that the newly revealed cover of issue seven shows the fallout of this terrific battle and I’ll buy it but I’m just saying it better be one heck of an issue.

I mean how do you turn this boring?


Blogger Guy Mann said...

I'd like to see your review of Civil War #7 or the complete run as a whole.

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