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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Thank You and a Theme

First off, I want to thank Blog@Newsarama for linking to the request for “Chick with Hat” drawings. I appreciate it greatly. Also, thanks to those people who have already sent pictures. They’re awesome. My fiancé is totally going to love them.

Now, the Absorbascon has been putting up a bunch of Heroclix theme teams. A couple weeks back it was the Crying for Canary team, you know characters who have slept with and then been rejected by Dinah Lance. Well, in response I’m putting up “Manwhores of Comics.” One from each universe, who will battle it out to see just who has the bigger…um…libido.

DC (446 pts)

Veteran Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) (167 pts)
Veteran Green Arrow (50 pts) + Trick Shot (25 pts)
Veteran Arsenal (62 Pts)
Experienced Nightwing (53 Pts) + Pounce (15 pts)
Veteran Wildcat (74 pts)

Marvel (450 pts)

Unique Iron Man (Supernova) (160 pts)
Veteran Cage (109 pts)
Veteran Cyclops (Universe) (78 pts)
Experienced Hawkeye (Fantastic Forces) (71 pts)
Experienced Multiple Man (32 pts) – Don’t believe this one? Read X-Factor

It’s interesting to note that, aside for the exception of Luke Cage and Wildcat, the lotharios of comics are mostly ranged attackers: they keep both their enemies and their lovers at a safe distance.


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