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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ready To Take Flight

So last week came the announcement the Gail Simone was leaving Birds of Prey. Of course there was the question of who could replace a writer who has defined the comic for fifty issues. The answer given by DC: Sean McKeever. Although I am disappointed that Simone is no longer writing the characters she has made so interesting, I am pretty stoked that McKeever is taking over. I thought Sentinel was actually pretty good, I mean John McLain showed up, and I know someone who swears by Spider-man Loves Mary Jane. However, I hope McKeever remembers that BOP has a very important role in the DCU; to give unappreciated females characters their due. With the new team format introduced in issue #100, this is easier than ever. The following is a list of the characters, in no particular order, that I would love to see grace the pages and get some of that limelight.

Bulleteer – Alix Harrower gained nigh-impenetrable “smartskin” due to a lab accident caused by her adulterous husband. Her mini-series was all about the acceptance of her new powers, about finding her place in the world. After Infinite Crisis, the Bulleteer briefly appeared as a member of the short-lived Justice League led by Firestorm and Firehawk. Now we’ve seen her picture in Oracle’s files and it is high time she stepped off the sideline. A stint on the Birds seems not only appropriate but could make for very interesting reading. The new super, learning her trade, learning what it means to be a hero would be great. Not to mention seeing how she Barbara, Helena, and Zinda would help her through those issues about her past that are probably just under the surface. It would be good reading.

Crimson Avenger - The woman who may or may not be Jill Carlyle gained her powers through an unfortunate turn of events. Purchasing a pair of Colt pistols she set out to get revenge on a guilty criminal who had been found not guilty. Unfortunately, these guns, originally belonging to Lee Travis, carried a curse. If used for vengeance the shooter would become bound to the pistols, and have to travel around using them to dole out justice, sort of a Spectre-light. Maybe it’s because I like the idea of the reluctant hero, maybe it’s because I grew up on John Woo movies, but I love the new Crimson Avenger. I can see their paths crossing as they go after the same person. Then maybe she agrees to stay on while Oracle searches for a cure to her curse. Crimson Avenger would doubtlessly be called to enact justice while on a mission, making her unreliable as a teammate. Like in the JSA arc where she tried to kill Wildcat, the idea of free will would be inherent in this character.

Onyx – It’s been a while since this former assassin has graced the pages of a comic, War Games if I remember correctly. She was left with leading the gangs that Orpheus united before his death. This is not much of a role for a character whose history is tied in with both Batman and Green Arrow. If Huntress ever chooses to split with the team, I think Onyx would be an excellent replacement. Seeking a peaceful balance to her murderous past, that is interesting. Her story would be one finding life outside of being a vigilante.

Secret – Now many people tend to forget how great Young Justice was, how interesting the characters were. While discussing this post with Devon of Seven Hells fame, he made the comment that it would be cool to see Arrowette on the team. He is absolutely correct; the former teen archer whose parentage is in question would be an awesome addition to Birds of Prey. I would also love to see Secret. The girl known only as Greta, gained her powers when she was murdered by her brother in his search for dark powers. Unable to move on, Secret gained a variety of superpowers before being returned to life as a regular teenager. I would love to see her as learn the ropes of costumed crimefighting as a normal person. You know have Oracle train her in detective work and such. Also, let’s not forget who not only stripped her of her powers but also turned her evil for a time. It was none other than Darkseid. With the Fourth World coming back, Secret’s connection could make her an interesting teammate.

Manitou Dawn - The time-displaced former member of both the JLA and JLE gained her mystical powers when her husband sacrificed himself. Last seen dealing with the guilt of her affair with the Green Arrow; Manitou Dawn was left still trying to learn her new powers. While there are some bigger name female magicians out there, few others have such an untapped but rich background waiting to be explored. She is from the Obsidian Age, this alone makes her a cool character to work with.

Halo – Come on, you had to expect her to be on this list. I was surprised by how many people said that she was a stupid character in response to my previous post. I think it is only because she hasn’t been brought into the modern age of comics, rounded out and made complex. This is a dead woman who has been reanimated by an energy being, the character/emotional repercussions of this alone could make for interesting storytelling. You could have two consciousnesses inhabiting the same body story, a stranger in a strange land story as the entity tries fitting in. Then say she dies but the energy being takes on another host. This new host, with some of the previous hosts memories, returns to the team and they have a hard time adjusting to her. Hell, it worked for the Dax character in Deep Space Nine and…well now I’ve outgeeked myself. Halo is a character, if given her shot could be very rich addition to the comic.

Fingers crossed that McKeever throws at least one of these characters in.


Blogger Devon said...

Good choices but you left one out:

Sugar of "Sugar & Spike" fame.

Sugar having witnessed Spike's death at the hands of Lady Shiva, is brought into The League of Assassins, learning the way of the killer.

Sugar breaks from her conditioning, vows revenge on Shiva, becoming a massage therapist in Milwaukee, waiting, planning and plotting her revenge.

Richard Dragon, shows up, looking for a "sensual message" is shocked when Sugar attacks him, after he turns over on his stomach.

He blocks it, but barely. Dragon recognizing her pain, seeks to turn her lust for revenge into a righteous fury.

Sugar is soon contacted by Oracle.

The rest is comics.

1:17 PM

Blogger Dave said...

Manitou Dawn in Birds of Prey is possibly the best idea I have ever heard for in comic book team casting ever.

8:58 AM

Blogger SallyP said...

Maybe they should only have women who have had affairs with Ollie in Birds of Prey? What...too many?

1:53 PM

Blogger Benhatt said...

Sallyp - I thought a team of comprised of all the women who Dick Grayson had slept with would be fun and super uncomfertable.

7:30 AM

Blogger Jon Hex said...

Here's the thing, Ben. Halo was already given a new body in the previous Outsiders series from the nineties. It was a shorter, older woman and Halo had to deal with not being a twenty-something anymore, and having to deal with finding new social groups.

How she somehow retrieved her old body, which was taken over by someone else, has never been explained or even thought twice about.

9:55 AM

Anonymous Shane said...

Onyx is dead. She died at the beginning of the Robin OYL arc.

12:09 PM


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