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Friday, March 16, 2007

Civil Bore pt2: Hitting the Snooze

So I’ve never had a request for a post before, but Guy Mann said that he would be interested in my comments on Civil War as a whole. So this one’s for you Guy. I’ve waited a couple weeks to write this post because the best way to judge a crossover is not by the arc itself but by its fall out. Now for my thoughts on Issue #7 you can head over to the Big Monkey Comics website and read my review. To explain my feelings on Civil War I take us back to this panel from Crisis of Infinite Earths.

I know what your thinking, “What does a new Wildcat have to do with an arc by a different company occurring more than twenty years later?” I have no problem with Yolanda as Wildcat, just the panel. It gives too much power to a new person stepping into an old role; I can feel the Marketing Department grinding away. When characters die or become incapacitated others should definitely carry on their mantle, it just shouldn’t be the only thing that comes out of a “Major Event.” Unfortunately, Civil War is little more costume changes and team reshuffling

Has the tone of the 616 Universe been changed across the board? No. Does it feel that the characters are carrying on with reverence for what just occurred? Not really. The war is over and it’s back to business as usual, ninja fighting and all. Wait, we do have a new Helicarrier and Spider-man is in a black costume. Is that really all that can come out of this? I mean the writers can’t even get one character to be consistent in his reaction. Tony Stark is balling in Frontline, serious in Iron Man but glib and joking in Mighty Avengers.

There has been one big change: the death of Steve Rogers. However, I don’t feel the impact of that on anyone. Outside of issue #25 there is no sadness. Sure, Jessica Drew yells, “They killed Captain America!” in Civil War: The Initiative but she sounds up sounding like Stan or Kyle as opposed to a real mourner. It is just move along Marvel. There was only one comic where you saw an honest reaction : Punisher War Journal. Yet, that reaction is cheapened because three days later we get this:

Ugh. Now, before you accuse me of Marvel bashing, DC is just as guilty of this as Marvel (you’ll see in my OYL One Year Later retrospective) but I think they at least have tried getting a uniform feeling. Yes, Civil War had some good moments. However, a few moments do not make a great crossover, especially if these moments don’t carry into the world post crossover.


Blogger SallyP said...

I'm trying hard to think of a good moment in Civil War.

Nope...can't be done.

10:55 AM

Blogger Scipio said...

Good points, Ben...

But please tell me you meant to type "Tony Stark is baWling" or I'll have to add Frontline to my subscriptions.

Oh, and I've been assuming Stark was to become the replacement Cap; you know, as penance.

10:16 PM

Blogger Jon Hex said...

If Stark is becoming the new Cap, as penance, will his Cap suit have a big spike on the inside to remind him of Cap's death?

6:38 PM


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