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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Week of Wednesday Day Three Part One

So my Internet was down yesterday, something about the router and the blah blah blah, but it's fixed now. To continue with my seven posts in seven days promise today you'll be getting TWO. Oh yes.

So I was flipping through one of the Marvel comics I collect when I came across this.

Um. What the heck?

Do you guys remember in Seinfeld when Kramer tried to get a perfume company to make his cologne called "Beach"? The scent was that of a person when they come back from the ocean. Well, the guy he pitches it too says no one wants to smell like salt water and dead fish. Dejected, Kramer walked away unhappily. Well if no one wants to smell like the beach who is going to want to smell like a superhero?

90% of comics is fighting and jumping and dodging and running and so on. All these activities cause us to perspire. That is not a pleasant aroma. Who wants to smell like Peter Parker after a battle with Doc Ock? Or Captain America’s forty-year-old costume?

I can just see it now. I walk up to my fiancée, she gazes lovingly into my eyes and goes, “Oh Ben, you smell just like the Incredible Hulk’s jock. I love it.”

It just goes to show you that if they can put their stamp on it Marvel will. Now that they’ve broken into this world I expect a whole line of Marvel related items; perhaps Wolverine's hair gel, Cyclops' eye drops, or feminine hygiene products bearing the Scarlet Witch for those “Not so fresh days.” It just baffles my mind.

There is an upside to this. When discussing this development with Devon of Seven Hells fame he said, “I bet Tony Stark smells good.” So in line two look for Iron Man. It’ll smell like 007 after a brisk run.


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