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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Week of Wednesday Day Three Part Two

As promised here is the second post for today. There were a lot of things to write about. Supernova’s identity has been revealed and I would like to say that I called it. Not the how but definitely the who. Detective Chimp tried on the Helmut of Fate for a little bit and what resulted was a really enjoyable one shot. Gen 13 is proving that there is no story that Gail Simone can’t craft. In the end though I come back to an old standby, a comic that whenever it hits the shelves always seems to make its way onto this blog.

I’m talking about the Green Lantern.

Recently I have felt that Geoff Johns might be burning out a little. I haven’t been totally blown away by his Teen Titans arcs and Action has been really good but Busiek’s Superman has been knocking my socks off. He is still a great writer but with so much on his plate I think he has been a little overextended. Then you pick up GL #16 and you realize that he might be having a dry spell in other titles but not here.

I am of the Kyle Rayner generation and while this character brought me into the world of the Corps there is no topping Hal Jordan. There is also no topping how Johns writes Hal Jordan. Nowhere else in comics will you find such a human character who understands his own faults and seeks to overcome them. There is such an emotional arc to the comic that you almost forget the action. Then you see panels like this and it comes right back to you.

There are good books in stores. There are great books in stores. But there are few books out there that can hold a candle GL. Can’t wait till the Sinestro Corp comes raging in. I’m calling it right now though: Hunger Dog is John Stewart in disguise. I just have a hunch. He’s making a Lando and Leia move against Amon Sur and pretending to be a bounty hunter in order to save Hal from a block of carbonite…er you know what I mean. If I’m correct I want a cookie.


Blogger Derek said...

Well, you called it, but I can't give you a cookie through the internet. Sorry.

I'll try to think of something else.

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