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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Taking It Outside

So something hasn’t been sitting right with me over the last month or so. Like that popcorn kernel that just won’t come unstuck, I’ve decided that there is a character that has been dealt a raw deal. I’m talking about a character who has time and time again thrown herself in the path of danger and still gets no respect.

I’m talking about Halo.

There have been some posts over at The Absorbascon (here and here, scroll down you'll find them) that suggests Halo is not a hero deserving her due. I say that that is some narrow thinking. The energy-being-possessed-Violet Harper was handpicked by Batman himself to be on his Outsiders. If the Dark Knight sees her as worthy I think that should be enough. If it is not enough let’s see some of Halo’s greatest hits.

Here she is taking the fight to the Anti-Monitor. One of the "Most powerful beings who have ever lived or will live."

Here she is putting her life on the line during the global prison break during Infinite Crisis. Life. On. The. Line.

Most recently, here she is helping to guide the lost space heroes back to Earth.

In conclusion, Mr. The Absorbascon, not only does Halo save little girls but with a kind heart and a smile as well.

When was the last time your precious Vibe did any of this? Oh wait, he'd have to pry those mechanical hands off of his throat first.


Blogger Siskoid said...

When I think of Halo, I think... of the video game, frankly.

But really, both Halo and Vibe are lame, can't we all just get along? ;)

To tell you the truth, I make fun of a lot of comics and a lot of characters, which doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed them at some point (at the very least because I could make fun of them).

I might question whether Halo (or Vibe) is any good as a concept, but bottom line, she exists. She's been used competently, and been used incompetently. Glad to see someone defend her, but I wouldn't think twice before making fun of her. Personally, she was fine until she got that haircut.

Peace out

3:42 PM

Anonymous Baal said...

Um, didn't Halo's energy possesor (Auracle was its race, right?)moved into a new body after Violet Harper's body was killed a second time.

12:19 AM

Blogger Dave said...



9:22 AM

Blogger Jon said...

RE: Vibe, mechanical hands, prying:

What's a fire, and why does it... what's the word? BUUUUURRRRRN.

12:14 PM

Blogger Jon Hex said...

Halo is a functional character, and I'm glad someone pointed out all the times an artist took a quick read-through of Who's Who and chose Halo to add to their splash page of heroes. But really, is Halo deserving of scorn or praise?

No. She's not.

11:08 PM

Blogger Jon Hex said...

And yeah, she did get a new body. I think it's been Superboy punched out of continuity.

11:10 PM


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