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Monday, May 14, 2007

Marvel Mondays: The Many Philosophies of Jack Monroe

The early 90’s were a time of great change: The Cold War ended, the country went from being led by a red to a blue, and Too Legit To Quit went triple platinum. In the midst of all this confusion one man stepped into the light, a man searching for meaning in his own life. That man was Jack Monroe, better known as Nomad. The former Bucky had hung up his blue spandex for a popped collar and a shotgun. He was on a quest; one could say a philosophical search, and in this search he tried a little bit of everything.

Nomad the Nominalist

William of Ockham, armed with his razor of rhetoric, believed that the simplest solution or answer was always the best. Nomad tried to live the simple

It just didn’t stick

Nomad the Epicurean

Greek philosopher, Epicurus, believed that good life was obtained by enjoying moderate pleasures and cultivating friendships. Nomad was good with the moderate pleasures.

But not the friendships.

Captain America doesn’t look too happy about the shot to the no-no place.

Nomad the Taoist

With Western philosophy and tried his hand at a more Eastern thought. Lao Tzu wrote, “Tao is empty/yet it fills every vessel with endless supply/Tao is hidden/yet it shines in every corner of the universe.”

It kind of blew his mind.

Nomad the Hedonist

This philosophical ideal believes that one should act in a way that causes the most pleasure with the least pain. Unfortunately for Nomad...

These two concepts were mutually exclusive, at least he has manners about it though.

And so his search continued.

Armed with a ninja suit and a baby he might just find it.


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I just LOVE this guy!

We totally deserve a Vibe/Nomad crossover!

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