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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Crossover Power

So I’m back at it again. Piecing together puzzles, pondering the ponderable – hey that could be a word. Today, I’m turning my eyes to the JLA/JSA crossover that has just started. Not to give too much away but the “Lightning Saga” reveals that five of the Legion of Superheroes have been trapped in the modern DCU. Here’s the rub. These aren’t the current members of the Waid/Kitson Legion. No, these are the original Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Legionnaires and they aren’t supposed to exist. However, it should be noted that following Crisis, the LSH existed in a “pocket universe.” It wasn’t until Zero Hour that their continuity ceased. What if they didn't cease though?

Anyway, there are three things I would like to bring up in regards to the crossover.

1) What the Interlac is he saying.

So I’m reading along in JLA # 8, and I get to this panel.

Then it same two words were said in JSA #5 here

And here:

So what is this keyword that triggers everyone back to normal? Well, I don’t know about any of you guys but I don’t speak Interlac. So I hopped on my trusty iBook and found an Interlac alphabet. And the phrase is:


Why would the code name of Garth Ranzz be the thing that snaps the displaced Legion members back to consciousness? Answer: I have no idea. Of course, being called Lightning Saga it kind of makes sense that he would be important. It should also be noted that a diabolical evil was responsible for turning Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl’s son into Validus. Yeah, it was Darkseid. Maybe the ruler of Apokolis is doing a Lightning Lad/Saturn Girl blackmailing.

2) I’m ready for my close-up.

If you think about it, this whole series is really tied up in Pre-Crisis Supeman mythos. The Legionaires, of course, are important but there is something more. Who was the supervillain that Superman ever faced? The Answer: Ultra-Humanite. When his original body was on the verge of death he jumped into the body of a movie actress, the body of Dolores Winters.

Now this panel here makes sense.

They are talking about the Ultra-Humanite inside Winter’s body. Now, the Ultra-Humanite has advanced mental capabilities. He could absolutely erase memories, put Legionnaires in stasis, drive them insance. Hell, he blinded Guy Gardner and Jamie Reyes (you should be reading Blue Beetle) using only his thoughts. Also, there are two sets of feet. Lightning Lad? Saturn Girl?

3) Absolute Power

My favorite panel in the whole thing so far is this one.

What do these three do when they grow up? Well, if you are Jeph Loeb and you're writing Superman/Batman, you say they jump back in time and raise Superman and Batman into planet controlling despots.

Hmm. Alternate worlds? Hmm. Time hopping members of the Legion of Superheroes? Sounds a bit too far fetched for me. Right?


Blogger Jon Hex said...

In Superman/Batman, that was the Legion of Super-Villains, not the LSH. Lightning Lord is Lad's brother, Cosmic King has weird chemical powers or some crap like that and Saturn Queen is with Ultraman in Kandor.

9:54 PM

Blogger Benhatt said...

Oh man, that storyline makes so much more sense now. Totally, missed that it was Mekht and not Garth. My bad, Internetland. Hopefully, the rest of the theory holds together.

10:32 PM

Anonymous John said...

FYI, none of the images in this post are showing up. I so wanted to see them too... *choke*

10:15 AM

Blogger SallyP said...

Aha! So that's what Guy means, when he's giving the "short" version of who the Ultra Humanite is to Jaime in Blue Beetle. "Sometimes he's a chick"


1:16 PM

Anonymous Big Mike said...

Here's what's bugging me: After COIE and Zero Hour, that Legion should not exist any more. Furthermore, it was not until IC that the idea of Superman as Superboy was placed back into continuity. Meaning that New Earth Clark Kent as Superboy and Kara Zor-El as Supergirl have gone into two distinct futures and teamed up with two distinct Legions and yet returned to the same present on the same Earth? Therefore, this means that Superman might not be from our Earth.

1:56 PM


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