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Saturday, June 02, 2007

10 Things I Learned at C-Mart

So C-Mart, an overstock store twenty miles of Baltimore, has a lot of comics – a lot of comics. Something like 90,000 and they selling them all for a buck a piece. We’re talking early 70’s through early 90’s. I went by last Sunday and grabbed a stack. Now, these comics are chock full of useful tidbits and information. Here are just a few things I have learned.

1) There is no one colder about death than Karate Kid.

2) Except maybe Geo-Force

3) Big Barda: So Scampish

4) If the Marvel heroes would have been saved a lot of grief if they had just listened to Blue Beetle.

5) Not all pets are bad.

6) Booster Gold is one heck of a progressive thinker.

7) Should I ever become a villain, I know what not to name myself.

8) Speaking of villains, Halo’s are the dastardliest.

9) Sometimes Blackhawk asks a little too much of his men.

10) The best time to have a “man chat” about past relationships is when you’re half naked doing yoga.


Blogger SallyP said...

It looks as though you had a lovely time. Cheap comics are the BEST!

And it's true, the world would be a lot better if we only listened to Beetle.

11:55 AM


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