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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Clix Ahoy (It's like Chips Ahoy but not)

So in yesterday’s DC Retailer summit there were some cool announcements made: The Titans East, a hardcover for The Killing Joke, and so on. However, none were cooler than this:

Prior to the DC presentation, WizKids announced that HeroClix Crisis, a Crisis on Infinite Earths booster set will be released for the game in February of 2008, with the next large-scale HeroClix slated to be the Anti-Monitor, which will be as large as the HeroClix Sentinel.

WizKids will also launch a HeroClix line based on NBC’s Heroes in 2008.

A Crisis set – get out of here. I can already see the set list: a new Blue Beetle, a new Ronnie Raymond, maybe a good guy Killer Frost, a true Earth-2 Superman, Earth-2 Robin and Huntress. It’s going to be sweet. I’ll finally be able to have a game where I KO Pariah with a Con Artist. Hooray.

Now the Heroes is going to be sweet. I’ll be able to do my very own “Save the Cheerleader, save the world!” scenario. It also creates a brilliant precedent. I mean to have clix based on television shows. You know what that means, right? I want a double-based, transpoter General Lee with a special Incapacitate power based on everyone getting drunk on moonshine. Oh and Leap/Climb. I mean look at this.

This raises a good question though. What television property would you turn into a clix set? What clix would be in that set? What special powers would they have?


Blogger Gyuss Baaltar said...

I think we need another of the Clix specialized set. TV heroes.

Bionic Man, Steve Austin
Bionic Woman, Jamie Sommers
Greatest American Hero, Ralph Hinkley
Vincent, Beast (,Beauty and the)

and of course Horrorclix has got to come out with a Buffy set. Just think about the awesomeness.

9:32 AM

Blogger Derek said...

Crisis Heroclix set? I thought it was going to be Teen Titans...

Ah, well. Either way. As much as I want Miss Martian and flying Blue Beetle III figures, I'll be happy with a decent Blue Beetle II figure.

Those Hypertime ones were crap. The Ted Kord figure was all right, but you could tell that whoever was designing the dials in Hypertime hadn't really gotten the hang of it yet.

5:34 PM

Anonymous Ned said...

The Blue Beetle III from Origins is a flyer, they just screwed up by not putting him on a flight stand.

7:45 PM

Blogger Baal said...

I say base it on General Hospital.

1:25 AM

Blogger Scipio said...

"Queer Eye"

They would have lots of "helper" powers (like Support, Enhance, Police, Defend, Barrier, Perplex, Outwit) with some sparkles of "Appletinis" (Incapacitate), "Derision" (Ranged Combat Expert), "Working His Vanity" (Exploit Weakness) and the like.

2:39 PM

Blogger Derek said...

Hmm. The Muppet Show.

Kermit with Leadership, Piggy with Incapacitate and Close Combat Expert, Gonzo with Perplex, Animal with Battle Fury, Sweetums with Toughness and Super Strength, and a Waldorf and Statler duo figure with Exploit Weakness and Outwit.

11:33 PM

Blogger Benhatt said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:18 PM

Blogger Benhatt said...


A Waldorf and Statler duo clix might be the greatest idea ever.

1:19 PM

Blogger Jon Hex said...

The A-Team needs a HeroClix set with Murdock in the van Transporter.

10:32 PM


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