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Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm Back

Hey All-

So I've been in Boston for the last ten days where I spent the time honing my craft as a writer (I'm in a Low-Residency MFA Program.) Sorry, the class schedule didn't allow me to update at all. But now I'm back. So this week you can look forward to:

  • What's A Monitor With You Part II
  • A Reaction to Sinestro Corps (once I get to read it)
  • Parenting Tips From Nomad
  • And many more aluminum hat conspiracy posts!

Since I’ve been out of the loop for a little bit I’ve got a couple outdated questions but here they are.

1) What did you guys and gals think of Big Monkey Podcast Three? After a month and half of listening what changes or improvements would you like to see? What are we doing right? What topics would you like discussed?

2) Who the heck is this person running with Karate Kid?

Is it Sensor Girl who leapt out of the shrinking portal? Or a new Legion member that Brainiac sent back to aid Val?


Blogger Siskoid said...

Loved the third podcast. The sound was much better than the previous one (where not everyone talked into the microphone at times). A lot of fun.

I still can't make the very first one work though.

8:06 AM

Blogger Walking through Destinys Garden said...

lovin the podcast.
you guys should do dramatic reading from Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters

8:58 AM

Blogger Rob S. said...

Gotta be Geo-Force in a wig.

2:30 PM


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