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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

She Kind Of Looks Like

O.k. so it’s been a few week since the big reveal at the end of New Avengers #31 and just in case you haven’t read the issue I want to preface this post with I will be talking about it. So this is my SPOILER WARNING.

Elektra is a Skrull. I’m not sure when this happened because back when Millar was doing the “Wolverine: Enemy of the State” storyline and had her take the pointy end of a sword (how many times can this woman be stabbed) she was still a normal person. Well, a person at least.

We should have this coming. In fact some people did. More than one customer and as well as a co-worker (Devon of Seven Hells fame) pointed to the end of Illuminati #1 where the Skrull king vows revenge for the destruction of his city and said to me, “The Skrulls have replaced heroes.” As that comic took place chronologically decades ago, the Skrulls could have been infiltrating for a very long time.

Of course this leads us to ask which other heroes and villains have been replaced by a green, wrinkly imposter. Was it Iron Man and that is why he was so eager to kill fellow heroes, to imprison them, to get rid of their inalienable rights? Was it Captain America and that is why he so quickly rejected the notion of the Registration Act, creating the schism in the hero community? We did see the body shrinking and shriveling in the last issue of his comic. Maybe he is not dead, just on some spaceship somewhere.

God, I hope not.

This sort of thing would be an easy out and would cheapen what Marvel is attempting to do with their comics. It would be bad writing. What I would rather see is Skrulls impersonating characters that have now have influences over key players. Maria Hill is a great example.

But I have one guess, one crazy speculation as to who is a Skrull. This woman:

Mrs. Sharpe. The crying mother who came out of the crowd to spit in Tony Stark’s face, to push him towards Registration. She still has his ear at the end of the series. She walks the Helicarrier as his guest. She would be an awesome Skrull.

I'm a pretty big fan of this development. It raises suspense and tension in the Marvel Universe, where, thanks to the Hulk's invasion, things are already pretty crazy. I could only find one panel that really sums up my feelings over this revelation.

I couldn’t have put it better myself, Tony.


Blogger Gyuss Baaltar said...

I'm really trying to give Marvel credit here. I really do think they're making some major over-arching political statement with Civil War and it's results.

They're not doing a very good job of it, but they're trying.

I really do hope that the lessons here of government overreaching in the name of national security, the military industrial complex taking over our government, and the need of heroes who can resist unjust laws will bear fruit. But my patience is running out. If it all turns out to be just "Tony was a Skrull all along!" then the impact is really hopelessly lost.

7:23 AM


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