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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's like Where's Waldo

So the other day I was organizing my comics; something I haven't done in a while. To let you know I bagged, boarded and put away 52 #1. Yeah, it's been a bit of time. As anyone who has filed away comics knows, the whole process takes twice as long as it needs to because you read and flip through everything you're supposed to be putting away. This brings us back to 52 #1. I was giving a quick read when I got to the two-page spread of everyone getting together for the
statue dedication. Here it is.

All the heroes are there to honor the memory of Earth-2 Superman and Superboy—it has such majesty.

I'm going to change topics for just a second but it will be pertinent I promise. Following the One Year Later jump, we have a new Aquaman with the old Arthur Curry turning into the Dweller of the Depths. Before you think I spoiling remember what Busiek said:

I thought we answered it in the first issue – the last panel where we showed that he had a water hand was a giveaway. In the next two issues, anyone who didn't get it will realize that the previous Aquaman is the Dweller. It's not meant to be a mystery to the readers, but it is to the characters.

So the old Arthur Curry turned into the mutated, squid-like Dweller of the Depths. Then who is this guy?
It obviously isn't the new Aquaman, with his Harlequin cover good looks. Oh Fabio, who ever thought you would be just as handsome in comics? This means A) the Dweller transformation happened during the missing year. Are we going to see it in the pages of 52? Yes? No? Maybe, bunch of heroes going, "Hey Ollie, you talked to Arthur recently?"
"Why no, Hal, although last time I saw him he did look a might purple."
"Yeah, and what was up with that weird mustache?"

Or B this is one of those hints and clues that tie into the very fabric of the 52 mystery.

I'm hoping for A, because that conversation would rock.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

What I found upstairs

So my upstairs neighbor has a lot of comics. A lot. I’m sure he doesn’t have the largest collection of any single person, but certainly the largest collection I’ve ever seen. I mean it’s big enough that we joke that the literal ton of comics will someday crash into my kitchen. Yeah, we…um…joke. Helping him organize during my hiatus from posting I came across more than a few gems. Here is one of my favorites from 1975’s, The Scorpion #1.

Vest…line with…chain mail! Holy crap. Look at the face of the villain’s face. He's getting one heck of a towel snap. Only in comics would you find an idea as wondrous as this. How hasn't it rolled over to real life? I can’t tell you how many times something like this would come in handy. Let’s say I’m at a movie theater and some meathead is yacking to his girlfriend during the film. Let’s say it’s Science of Sleep. I’m enjoying my Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg time and this dude just won’t stop talking. I’ve given him a “Head Turn” and a “Shush”, and still “blah blah blah.” You know what then? Ha-Cha! He gets a face full of armor-lined deerskin. I’d even sport my very own death's head grin. Of course mine would be more soft and inviting rather than cold and mirthless. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

And who came up with the fashion marvel? Who is credited with conceiving, writing and illustrating this comic? Howard “Galactic Space Vagina” Chaykin himself. No that's what I'm talking about.