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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mike Pellegrino Might Be the Smartest Person Ever


I wish I could take credit for this. I wish I had thought of it. Heck, I should have thought about it. So I was talking to Mike P of Feelin Big Mike after he read my last post (see below) and this was his response:

you know...

there is something that could rob people of their free will




Holy crap. The ALE. Holy crap. It was so obvious. Of course you are thinking, why would someone armed with the ALE, like say Darkseid, want Green Arrow to attack Black Canary? The answer: he probably doesn’t. However, if you remember the presence to the ALE in the universe has caused many different reactions in many different people. This is where I got out the old comics and started my searching.

Let’s go back to Jim Starlin’s Cosmic Odyssey. Yes, I know it is not the most in-continuity story ever but still. Remember what happened when the ALE had a foothold on the plant Rann. No? Well check this out.

Out of the mouth of Lightray. So the ALE causes people to attack each out of simple rage and mania.

Let’s jump forward just a hair to John Byrne’s Genesis, in which the Source Wall exploded. Now thanks to the back ups in Countdown we know the Source Wall protects each universe from pure Anti-Life Energy. So when the Source Wall started to crumble in Genesis what happened?

That’s right mobs of crazed people attacking each other.

I’m not saying I like what happened to the Green Arrow but I’m starting to come around to it. Again assuming these theories are true and my boy pulls through in the end.

It’s All In The Eyes

So if you haven’t read Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special #1 stop reading. Come back when you have because I need to vent and that means spoilers. So to keep all you people who don’t want to know from seeing something you don’t want to see, I’m putting up this photo I found after a yahoo image search for “spoiler alert.”

Pretty funny right? Anyway, it is obvious I’m pretty torked about what happened to my boy Oliver Queen. We all knew his absence on the covers of the upcoming Black Canary/Green Arrow meant some sort of terrible fate would befall him. But come on! To attack Black Canary on their wedding night was more than I even thought was going to happen. It is sensationalism at its worst. I pledged yesterday that if the cause of Ollie's madness is something as lame as during the fight Deathstroke got in a mind control chip that I would swear off of DC Comics. That is still true. If that is the case I’m done with DC. I’ll take the bite on the neck and come back all undead as a Marvel Zombie. Well, maybe not a Marvel Zombie but I’ll only read small press books. That is how much I love the Green Arrow character.

But then this morning, upon rereading it, I noticed something that kind of bolstered my spirits. It made me think Green Arrow’s attack is some how linked to the larger threat that is looming over the cosmos, over the DCU. As the title says it is all in the eyes.

Either Ollie was smoking the herb after the wedding or he has come down with a case of the same Space Anger that has befallen Cliff Baker and Steven Hazard. Maybe, I’m just being optimistic though. Whatever the answer is, DC is keeping me reading…for now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a podcast

Sorry for the delay, but the 10th Big Monkey Podcast is UP! Hooray. This very special podcast covers such topics as Spider-Man's "One More Day" and the DCU going all soapy. Click here to hear guest panelist Mike Pellegrino call himself a "skirt." Click here to hear Devon promote Batman and the Outsiders. Click here to hear me talk about how I would go out with style. If your ears could taste this week's Big Monkey Podcast would be delicious.