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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Words of Wisdom...

From the mouth of Scud, the greatest robot ever to grace the pages of an Indie comic.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Creature From The Big Monkey Podcast

Hello Internetland-

It's that time again, time to twist and shout, time to roll and bounce, time to record a third Big Monkey Podcast. As before I'm taking submissions for the Lightning Round. If you are interested in asking questions, airing grievances or simply getting your named mentioned on the Podcast send your query to ThoseWednesdays@gmail.com. Please, try to keep them to the subject of comics.

Thanks and keep an ear out for the Podcast later this week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

All Hands On Deck

So we know that starting August the Outsiders are going to go through some changes. We have a new writer and a new team. That’s right Batman is back and he’s shaking things up. The Dark Knight is implementing these changes by conducting a month long series of try-outs. Here is a list of the one-shots that we’ll be seeing:

August 1 – Nightwing and Boomerang
August 8 – Katana and Shazam
August 15 – Thunder and Martian Manhunter
August 22 – Metamorpho and Aquaman (the new one)
August 29 – Grave and Wonder Woman

Based on the outcomes of these trials, we’ll have a tougher, stronger group of Outsiders. I, for one, am all for it. The series has been stagnant for a while; in fact it took a crossover with Checkmate to make me pick up the title again. So change away.

Well, with yesterday’s reveal of the Outsiders #50 cover, we have an idea of who makes the grade. It’s an interesting lineup to say the least. Here is the picture (I added the numbers obviously.)

Arms 4 (Grace), 5 (Thunder), and 7 (Katana) reveal no surprises. The Outsiders are still kind of a B-list team, despite previous rosters, and there is no way Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, or Shazam would stick around. I see their one-shots as more a training for the characters who are going to stay.

Arms 1 (Aquaman) and 2 (Metamorpho) reveal that at the end of their one-shot both heroes will be jumping on the Outsiders train. I’m pretty stoked with this. I have no problem with the new Arthur Curry, as long as he isn’t the only Arthur Curry out there. Perhaps, his shift to this book will allow the original back into the regular monthly and, hopefully, back onto the Justice League. Do you hear me Mr. McDuffie?

Now Arm 6 (Boomerang) is a big one. With Boomer present, it means that Nightwing is out. Again, we shouldn’t be surprised. Dick Grayson has had such a hard time finding his footing since the One Year Later jump, it might be nice to allow him a break so he can regroup. Also, let’s not forget that he was supposed to bite it in Infinite Crisis so his leaving could suggest a more prominent role in the events of Countdown. I look forward to the conversation where Batman kicks him out, though. Or maybe he does get the vote but leaves willingly, since his role as leader has led him to make darker decisions than he's wanted to.

Arm 3 is the big mystery. I can only think of one pink-armed character in the DCU: Parasite. As we last saw him frozen with one appendage removed, I am interested in seeing how the writers pull this off. Although, his going “good” does point more towards Arion’s possible future from the “Camelot Falls” storyline in Superman. I kind of wish the arm was green and it would be Frankenstein joining the team. That would be super sweet.

Finally, we come to Arm 8. Batman’s fist of power brings everything together with a crack of lightning. Hey, maybe Shazam does join.

I'll be picking up at least the first arc. What about you guys and gals?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Is That Number Ever Meaningless?

Hide yourself in a bunker; put on your tin foil cap, it’s time for more conspiracy theories.

So I was combing Internetland for information on Hank Henshaw (post to come tomorrow, hopefully) when I came across this gem.

It’s a cover from the 2nd run of Green Lantern back in 1967. In this story Sinestro steals the central battery from Oa and uses it to make rings. He gives these rings to common thugs and criminals and forms the “Evil Green Lanterns.” They fly through the universe doing bad deeds, powered by their slightly different oath.

"In brightest day, in blackest night, no justice shall escape my sight. Let those who worship justice's might, beware my power, Evil Green Lantern's light!"

It’s kind of brilliant.

In the end, the villains’ willpower is no match for the real Green Lantern Corps and they are defeated. The whole reason I noticed the cover in the first place was because its startling similarity to August’s Green Lantern #22.

Oh, and just to make it slightly eerier, the number to that old Green Lantern comic was 52.