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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rumble Night

So if your group of friends is anything like mine you have the “fight conversation” on a frequent basis. You know what I’m talking about, everyone is sitting around drinking beer and watching Cowboy Bebop when someone says, “Magneto would totally beat Darth Vader in a fight,” and away it goes. However, I decided I don’t want to do a post where I spout out a why Hulk could beat Thing or whatever. So instead we’ll have the battle between two small press heroes. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you:

Migo Vs. Scott Pilgrim

Contestant One

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Location: El Gato
Occupation: Convenience store employee

Seen In: Random Encounters 1-4 a comic involving numerous film, t.v. and other popular cultures references.

Relationship: Has two girls interested in him (one with a magical bag)

Mission: To harvest the leaves of the Nede tree and fight monsters.

Powers: When kissed his hand triples
in size and gains super strength

Strengths: Generally awesome. Made a working replica of the bozar from Fallout. Do you guys remember Fallout?

Weaknesses: Is pretty much a doofus.

Super Sweet Moment: Check this out.

Contestant Two

Scott Pilgrim

Gender: Male
Age: 23
Location: Toronto, Canada
Occupation: Currently between jobs

Seen In: The various Scott Pilgrim volumes, graphic novels involving numerous film, t.v. and other popular cultures references.

Relationship: Was dating two girls (one with a magical bag)

Mission: To defeat girlfriend’s seven evil ex-boyfriends

Powers:“best fighter in the province”

Strengths: Generally awesome. Is in a band called Sex Bob-omb.

Weakness: Is pretty much a doofus.

Super Sweet Moment: I wanted to scan the picture of Scott headbutting someone into oblivion. Unfortunately, I lent my copy of Volume Three to a friend. So I’ll just leave you with this.


That is a tough one. Migo is awesome, his comic is pretty sweet. However, I would say that push come to shove I think Scott Pilgrim would find a way to pull through. What do you have to say?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Last Minute Gift Ideas

So there is one more hour left before Christmas and you don’t have presents for your loved ones yet? Never fear though for the superheroes of the DCU are here to save the day again this time by putting out a line of affordable and diverse last minute gifts for your loved ones.

Superman’s Buns of Steel

We can’t all have a Kryptonian genetic make-up to help keep those glutes rock hard and firm. And you don’t need super hearing or telescopic vision to notice when someone has made a disparaging comment about your rear. That is why the Man of Tomorrow has put out his own exercise video. Enjoy lunging and squat thrusting to today’s hottest tracks like “Baby Got Back”, “Back That Ass Up” and Whitney Huston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. For only $19.99 get yours today.

Green Lantern Home Manicure Set

It doesn’t matter if you’re Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan or Kilowog no self-respecting member or the Corps is going to go off and fight space crime with a cracked nail or callused hands. With the Green Lantern Home Manicure Set you’ll receive everything needed to keep those digits as pretty a possible; from cuticle pusher to nail scissors. The whole thing comes in a Lantern Battery shaped box. Combine with the Flash’s Speedy Pedicure Kit and you have a fantastic gift for on $79.85.

Ralph Dibny’s Wrinkle Remover

Better than Botox! More powerful than plastic surgery! This Gingold based skin cream is unbelievable. Simply apply daily and shape the wrinkles away. This cream doesn’t only get away the stray blemish but actually allows you to change whole facial features. Want a longer nose, smaller chin. Then this is the product for you. Available in mint or vanilla scented flavors.

Green Arrow’s Male Enhancement

Having a hard time pleasing your woman on this holiday evening? Is the ball not the only thing going to drop on New Year’s? Then take it from Oliver Queen just one dose of Green Arrow’s Male Enhancement and you will be hitting a bull’s eye spot on. So if you’re canary is giving the bedroom eyes just take Green Arrow’s Male Enhancement and give her the shaft!

Swing by your local Shopper’s or Rite Aid and get these and many more exciting DCU presents.