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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keep Those Ears Glued

I know there have been promises another edition of the Big Monkey Podcast. I also know it's been awhile since we recorded it last week. Here is the truth of the matter; due to some equipment difficulties the recording came out wicked corrupted. Brian, our very helpful sound guy, said it was like hearing a thousand bees when he tried to listen to it. Since we are committed to giving you only a top quality podcast we had no choice but to scrap the recording.

It’s a shame, too. We started recording later than usual so by the end all five of us were really loopy and ridiculous. Lost as a result of the sound difficulties are:

A) Jon Carey stating he wanted to see, “a Skrull internment camp” and claiming, “the use of mental powers cause autism.”

B) Me opening with the line, “In an artic base furnitured by spooky statues of our friends…”

C) Jon Carey performing while reeking of his “Jonsmopolitan,” a combination of a screwdriver and a gin and tonic.

D) Devon claiming himself “Black Jesus.”

E) Jon Brooks, so annoyed that Tony Stark isn't dead after wrestling the Hulk, decided to swear off of all Marvel books forever.

F) Scipio professing love of a Marvel comic idea.

G) Everyone forming the belief that when Scipio laughs an angel gets his wings, with a wingspan of nine feet or more.

H) Scipio stealing my recommendation of Blue Beetle as comic to read. That jerk. I mean really, who steals a recommendation?

I) Jon Brooks professing his love for Scott Pilgrim over and over.

J) Devon riling up Scip so much during an interchange that Scip threw a pencil at him. Scip’s aim was off and the pencil flew well over Devon head. However, in flinching Devon knocked over his soda, which landed in his lap. Devon had to record the whole thing looking like he peed his pants. It was a topic of many jokes.

K) Everyone making fun of me for liking "girl comics." It was mentioned at least a dozen times.

Unfortunately, all this is lost to annals of history. We will be recording another podcast early next week with brand new, professional grade equipment. We're moving on up.

Just so you know. Some of the mentioned above events didn’t happen. Can you guess which?

Monday, July 09, 2007

How You Feeling?

So I’ve finally caught up with my backlog of unread comics. I’m finally up to date with the who’s and what’s, of course I’m still puzzling out the why’s. But that is the fun of reading.

I’ll admit it, for the last few months I haven’t been super jazzed about reading. When I’ve brought home my purchases I’ve kind of dragged my feet in getting to them. Yeah, I’ve thought this issue has been cool or that issue has been interesting but overall it’s felt like the industry has just kind of been spinning it’s wheels. But then last week I was talking to Devon (of Seven Hells fame) and realized something:

I’m excited about comics.

I’m stoked about what’s going on from all companies, The Big Two to the smaller presses. I like being able to say, “It was a good week,” and then have someone respond with, “It was a great week.” How long it will be able to hold this level is the big question, but right now I’m happy to have things being “great.”

So here are ten things I’m excited about, in no particular order.

1. The continuing adventures of Jamie Reyes in Blue Beetle. Of course this is a obvious first choice for me but the comic is just super good.

2. “The Good Prince” storyline in Fables. Best arc since “Homelands.”

3. The Sinestro Corps. It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

4. Black Canary’s mini-series. We know what her answer is going to be, but damn I’m looking forward to seeing how she gets there.

5. The Skrull question. Who is really a wrinkled alien?

6. World War Hulk. He's back and angry. Hilk smash for the next five months, how can you not love that. Iron Man and the rest of the Illuminati are going to get theirs.

7. New Warriors. For some reason I’m digging the heck out of this series. Like The Initiative it feels like Marvel have big plans for these characters.

8. Checkmate. The comic never ceases to impress me. With cameos and guest-stars galore in some ways the title feels like a center of what’s going on. Which is what a global police force run by the U.N. should feel like. Amanda Waller is gonna get hers.

9. The search for Ray Palmer. Not only will it span the whole Multiverse but it’s amazing that the smallest character in the DCU is the one that will have the biggest impact.

10. Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, I’m totally bummed that Oni pushed the release date back to 9/19. You know what they say about things and those who wait.

What are you excited about?